Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Intro bust

Once again, I'm making an attempt to have a blog somewhere other than MySpace, where they can give you a bunch of useless applications that let you "buy" and "sell" your friends (and you DON'T get any real money out of it, so why bother?), yet they can't straighten out the bugs that have existed since 2003 that make it so it takes no less than THREE attempts to do one post. I tried doing one on here before, but I never paid attention to it and wound up deleting it. Perhaps I can try and avoid that happening again this time.

I don't like going into detail about my personal life on the internet and tend to focus more on music and movies that I'm into, but I guess since there's a family member or two lurking around here, I can occasionally say what's going on. Whatever, ain't like you're gonna read this anyway.

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