Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Introducing: HORROR EPICS

As you all know, October is the month in which we celebrate Halloween! In commemoration, I give you HORROR EPICS, a series of horror film review posts. HORROR EPICS is not intended to be a definitive list by any means. Some of these films may be obvious. Others might be obscure. They might even suck, and may not even fit 100 percent into the horror genre. But when you don’t know who else to trust, turn the switch elsewhere on your telly to HORROR EPICS! Real relief for the sickly! Please feel free to add your input via the comments section, and have a happy Halloween!

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Have at it! I'm so in the mood, i can't handle it! I also am gonna go find this here Exploited record & listen to it. This is the one that has "Sexual Favors" on it right?