Friday, October 3, 2008

HORROR EPICS: Automaton Transfusion

My friend lent this to me as a joke, thinking that I'd hate this movie as much as he did. Instead the joke backfired, because I actually liked it. I've seen a fair amount of newer horror movies, all of which have weird cinematography for that "raw" and "gritty" look, and the Generic Y2K Horror Movie Cast that isn't particularly likeable or memorable. I've come to accept that this is the new standard and since I rarely pay to rent new movies, it's all good. Another new standard I've had to accept is the idea of zombies having the capability to run. I think I've seen at least three zombie movies where this happens, so I guess it's the new twist on the old form. Fine, whatever, I'm not paying good money to see the shit anyway. If I were, I'd probably hate the fuck out of all of those movies except maybe for 30 Days of Night, which was actually really good and creepy and shit. But since I'm not, my standards aren't exactly high. If it's violent, bloody, and at least watchable by whatever standards I still have left, I'll watch this shit at least once. Automaton Transfusion fits somewhere in that category, although the camera work is headache-inducing at times and the soundtrack is definitely vomit-worthy. High school kids—including some Blink 182 emo fashion-core fuckhead—fight off a massive zombie attack in their small suburban town. Since the town has been sectioned off for a military experiment that's obviously gone horribly wrong, nobody's on their way to help. This experiment is somewhat similar to the one described above in Zombie Strippers, so there's not much point in my trying to explain it all over again. But this movie is much better, as is the explanation. The zombies are crazy and fucked up, which is really all I could have asked for, but then one of them gets to perform a no-frills abortion in a hilarious (to me, anyway) "holy SHIT" moment that's worthy of the rewind button. For that alone I'll recommend this, even though you might hate me for it later.

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