Sunday, October 12, 2008

HORROR EPICS: The New York Ripper

Longtime readers might remember that I’ve reviewed The New York Ripper in the past, but that’s the beauty of these posts never actually making it to legit print media. I can go back and review ‘em again if I want to! Plus, I don’t think I’ve actually watched this movie since reviewing it about four years ago, so there. When most horror fans think of the late Italian director Lucio Fulci, the movie that most often comes to mind is Zombie. Others might mention The Beyond, but they’re just trying to fit in by saying that. Humor them, but look at this serial killer chiller instead. Women are getting sliced and diced on the streets of New York, and whoever is responsible has some serious issues. The killer enjoys ringing up the cops and taunting them by talking like a goddamned duck, which is certainly bizarre. It’s also difficult to understand at times, but I don’t think I was supposed to bring that up. The plot thickens when the Ripper screws up and lets a potential victim get away, introducing this strange sub-plot involving a character’s amputee daughter who is more or less waiting to die in a hospital. Bad acting and worse dubbing are abound, but whatever. It’s a B-movie and such things are to be expected. The New York Ripper is dark and creepy most of the way through, although it falls apart at the end. Apparently this is also something to be expected from a lot of Italian horror movies in general. I read somewhere that Italian directors don’t concern themselves with endings that do stupid things like tie up loose ends and make sense, citing some kind of “artistic freedom” type of excuse. Yeah, I think you can come up with a better rationale for just having a character spurt out a killer’s motivations in badly dubbed hysteria during the last thirty seconds of the damn movie. It’s too bad they had to flub the ending, because everything leading up to it made for a perfectly fine serial killer movie. I liked it better than I did, say, Silence of the Lambs. Some of the murder scenes—particularly the ones involving razor blades—are gruesome. They do things with the sound effects that make it necessary to watch The New York Ripper with some kind of surround sound setup. So despite the lame ending, I can still at least recommend the first 90 some-odd minutes of this movie as being second best in the Lucio Fulci filmography.


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