Saturday, November 8, 2008

Gilman videos needed!

From the pipe of Dan Hashthrash:

"There is a Gilman 25th Anniversary DVD in the works and we need as much history as we can pull together! Please submit any flyers, photos, audio recordings and video recordings to Gilman staff or mail them in to:

P.O. BOX 1058

All items dropped off can be picked back up! Help tell the story of Gilman over the past 25 years! If you have anything, or know someone that has a bunch of Gilman videos, flyers, tapes, etc. etc., please help us out and try to help us get these!! If your band toured and played Gilman and you have a video, please send it in! We need footage from Gilman house bands, locals, and touring bands as well! Any contacts, leads, or submissions will help!"

I've known Dan for about seven years, and he's been dedicated to filming live bands the entire time. Most recently, he's filmed recording sessions for both High on Fire and Toxic Holocaust. Dan has been tapped by Gilman Street to put together a documentary DVD that actually tells the story, relives history, and best of all, actually goes about illustrating the REALITY of running a club like 924 Gilman Street. Dan has every intention of having a REAL document that tells an honest and truthful story on ALL side...even those who have legitimate gripes with the club and the way it is run.

Forget about the recently-released shiny and happy infomercial DVD on Alternative Tentacles. This DVD is being bankrolled by Gilman Street, for the punks...not those who want to continually reinforce the club's infantile image...or those who want to believe that Gilman Street starts and ends with Green Day and Rancid...and definitely not for your sociology class!

If Gilman Street is your club, then this is your DVD too. Get in touch with Dan and help make shit happen. Check out Dan's website at

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