Friday, May 15, 2009

Short Wave Warfarce

Here’s a show that I would have liked to have attended: Neurosis at Gilman in April of 1990, playing a twenty-song set of their now-classic shit from Pain of Mind, The Word as Law, and the Pollution 7-inch. Econochrist, Filth, and Blister were also on the bill; and the show was Listed as a Neurosis benefit. (I also have the Econochrist and Filth sets, but those will have to be uploaded some other time.) But alas, I turned twelve earlier that month, and bands like Neurosis had yet to register on my radar. For those of you who are familiar with an old Neurosis live bootleg titled Short Wave Warfare, I believe this is it…except a million times better. I haven’t listened to that bootleg in eons, but I remember that the songs were out of order, with bad sound quality and inaccurate info. All of those problems are corrected here with the complete set that was recorded straight from the Gilman soundboard. Three of the songs are instrumentals, none of which came out as finished songs on any of the future Neurosis records. Thanks to my good friend Dan Hashthrash over at for converting my tape to MP3.

This propaganda was recorded on 4/28/90 at 924 Gilman Street.

Disc 1
Disc 2

1. Insensitivity
2. Pollution
3. Life on Your Knees
4. Double Edged Sword
5. Day of the Lords [Joy Division]
6. Grey
7. United Sheep
8. To What End
9. Shallow
10. Black
11. Instrumental #1

12. Common Inconsistencies
13. Obsequious Obsolescence
14. Nonsense
15. Pain of Mind
16. Instrumental #2
17. Tomorrow’s Reality
18. Blisters
19. Self Doubt
20. Instrumental #3


Eons One said...

fuck yeah jake, thanks for this one! this is really the only era of neurosis i still listen to. the pollution 7" is godly.

Jake said...

Yeah, this era of Neurosis is the only one I really make it a point to listen to as well. They've always been good live though, although I think it's been about ten years since I saw them last.

Stormy said...

This rules, thanks! The Short Wave Warfare CD (which was poorly mastered) also had songs from their set at WFMU from around the same time. The early version of that song Shallow, which was later re-worked as a song on Souls At Zero, is my all time favorite Neurosis song. I've heard the WFMU version, and i'm psyched to hear this live at Gilman version. Thanks


Larry B said...

Awesome post Jake. Keep'em coming.