Friday, June 19, 2009

SoniCRIME TheRapy

Every MP3 blog thinks they’re cool by uploading GISM’s classic Detestation album. Big deal. We at THE EVIL EYE are confident that you are more than familiar with those old GISM records by now. If not, we suggest opening a new window for Blogged and Quartered, who have a fine GISM collection for your perusal.

SoniCRIME TheRapy is the band’s swansong effort,
coming out shortly after the death of longtime GISM guitar hero Randy Uchida. It’s not a classic like the Detestation 12-inch, but certainly not a cheesy metal record like Military Affairs Neurotic either. Instead, it’s a fitting cap on GISM’s twenty-year career, and a fine tribute to the Deathly Fighter. You expect this CD to start with some crushing metal/punk power, but “Dual Improvisations for Hypochondriac” is a jazzy/lounge sorta tune that runs for seven and a half minutes. You’re left wondering just what the hell is going on here. Suddenly, the guitar kicks in and we’re off and running. There’s some odd noise tracks thrown in here and there—including a twelve-minute-long romp through a wind tunnel—but for the most part, it’s GISM in all of their metal/punk splendor.

Get your TheRapy here.

1. Dual Improvisations for Hypochondriac

2. KI-1

3. RUNS-2
4. KI-4

5. RUNS-3

6. RUNS-1

7. RU-3

8. KI-2

9. KI-5

10. RU-1

11. KI-3

12. Phenomenal Exile in Schizophrenic Patients

13. Untitled noise track

14. Untitled noise track


Stormy said...

Love this album

Andres said...

You know the meaning of album cover?