Friday, June 12, 2009

Divided We Fall

Fans of newer bands like Insect Warfare, have a seat. Here’s your grindcore lesson for today.

I first saw Excruciating Terror at Gilman Street on 11/9/96, and to say I was blown away isn’t enough to describe the feeling. These LA grinders managed to come dangerously close to topping the sonic intensity of those early Napalm Death records. A crushing live band that would supposedly smoke dusted joints before they played. Vocalist Victor Garcia would ask for the stage lights to be turned off and Gilman would ERUPT into a house of chaos. Circa 1998, their shows quite possibly featured the most violent pit action on this side of the hardcore scene. Of all the newer grindcore bands, In Disgust is the only one I’ve heard even remotely come close to touching Excruciating Terror—and they’re still a long way off.

The Gilman in-crowd at the time hated bands like Excruciating Terror, and looked forward to those shows with dread. Naturally, I loved booking ET whenever I could. Their most talked-about show up here was when they shared a bill with Hoods and Atom and his Package back in 1998, which people still bring up to this day. Even the pop punk band The Gods Hate Kansas mentioned that show in their MRR interview!

Divided We Fall is their second album, released by Pessimiser in 1998. My copy actually got stolen not long after I got it…and I know who did it, and you can still return it any ol’ time because I was never able to replace it. As a result, I had to download this from Soulseek when that was the big thing. Because of that, I’d urge you to track down the real thing…no compression that way. People are assholes.

Get dusted.

1. Disease
2. Respect
3. In Cold Blood
4. Don’t Care Who You Are
5. Por Que No Conosco El Miedo
6. Ignorance is Bliss
7. Bomb Has Fallen
8. Without Mercy
9. Turbulence
10. E.T.
11. Give Up
12. With Me
13. Divided We Fall
14. Human Error
15. Addiction
16. Another Rejection
17. You Reap What You Sow
18. Careless Attitude
19. Suicide
20. Just Another Victim
21. Thoughtless

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Dude, i swear, everytime you mention "The Gilman In Crowd" from when i was trying to get shows there or just going to shows there i get enraged. I'm still fuckin' pissed at those motherfuckers. That said, i'm trying to remember if i saw this show you mention here or not.