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Unpublished Medication Time interview 6/14/98

Medication Time was a short-lived local band in the late '90s, whose LP on Life is Abuse is definitely recommended. For the record, the band members were Mike (lead vocals; also in Skaven and Nigel Peppercock), Mauz (guitar and vocals; also in Mindrot, Dystopia, Nigel Peppercock, and the Malnourished), John (guitar and vocals, also in Nigel Peppercock and probably other bands), Paul (bass and vocals; also in Cruevo, High Tone Son of a Bitch, Scum Angel, Kalas, Tarrakian, Moses), and Ross (drums; also in Skaven, Lachrymose, Exitwound, and Skew Whiff). These twenty stupid questions were conducted with them during an all-day Pirate Punks vs. Geekfest show at Gilman Street on June 14, 1998. Ross hadn't shown up to play, so Mauz played drums instead as their set took place in front of the girl's bathroom. Ex-Skaven bassist Shane Groom was also present, and keep in mind that they were all very drunk, stoned, and probably didn't want to be interviewed. It's really not that good of an interview, but if you are familiar with the band and its members, it's pretty funny at times. The mayhem doesn't transcribe too well, so what we're left with is Mauz creating a scenario that I was a lone hitchhiker picked up by the band while on tour…

MAUZ: …Remember, if you act up, we can kick you out on the road anytime we feel like it.
MIKE: I'm gonna shotgun a beer if you shotgun one…
SHANE: Then get one!
MAUZ: Okay, what's the question here?
LOKI: Where do we think Ross is?
I hope Ross is okay. I think he either: A) Got busted for shoplifting, or B) He got hit on his bike, or C) Met a really lucky lady with lots of cocaine, fuckin' big penthouse on Piedmont…
JOHN: I was talking to Ross last night at the Lucky Club, and we were smoking cigars and having scotch. He was saying that he really didn't feel like he learned a lot at the conservatory, and that he might go to the conservatory today and study guitar. In case he had to play guitar at the gig today.
JOHN: We were all studying really hard and Mauz was trying to learn drums and sheet music.
MAUZ: Well, we're hoping the best for Ross.
MIKE: On with the interview.
MAUZ: Do you know how to play drums?
LOKI: What are your names and what do you do in the band?
I'm Mike Matusio!
MAUZ: Doctor Matusio!
MIKE: My blood type is A-minus. And I love all of you sexy ladies, especially if you're from Japan.
MAUZ: My name is Chairman Mauz, and I feed the Belgians.
JOHN: My name is Carlos and I came over to this country, and when I got here, I realized that there were a lot of dogs over here, running around rampant. And there was dogs taking shits everywhere, and I figured, "Well, I can play the guitar, I've been in the conservatory for a while, and I can probably guide the rest of the guys away from the dog turds that are gonna be laying around." And I act like I'm in an old World War II movie throwing myself on a dog turd or something, which is this silly little game I like playing. But I avert the rest of the band away from the dog turds, and I just take all that shit shrapnel.
MIKE: Ask the next question!
LOKI: Where did you guys get the name Medication Time?
We stole it. At the time, Epitaph Records told us that it would be a wise decision. So we were like, yeah…in conjunction with EMI…and Coca-Cola…
PAUL: We really made our final decision when we visited the Nike factories in Indonesia.
MIKE: Ross made it up. We were gonna be called the China Syndrome, but everyone thought that was in poor taste and it didn't give them hard-ons.
MAUZ: I'm starting my own sweatshop…
MIKE: But let's get on with it…
JOHN: I went to a drive-in movie when I was a kid, and they had a bunch of kids in front of the screen, that would slide the screen and shit…
LOKI: What are your lyrics about?
Personal issues. A lot of our lyrics are about definitely issues with our friends…getting killed…
MAUZ: Junkies…
MIKE: …doing a lot of fucking smack…
MAUZ: …going crazy on West Mac…
MIKE: …and pushing people's eyeballs out…dumping raccoons on people…
JOHN: Not getting enough salt on your popcorn. It's a fuckin' drag…
MIKE: Raccoons!
JOHN: …I went down there with a case of beer, and they gave me no fucking salt. I had a helluva time swallowing my beer!
MIKE: We have lyrics that are about living in Oakland. A lot of our lyrics are just, like…retarded stuff that we…stole. Jello wrote a bunch of our stuff…
PAUL: It's exciting, as members of the band learn to read and write, I get this glowing feeling inside.
MIKE: Next question.
LOKI: This question would be for Mike, then. Why did Skaven break up?
Skaven broke up because Zeb started selling all kinds of smack to these twelve-year-old girls…I'm serious. No, Skaven broke up because the band members had differences with each other.
MAUZ: Ross kicked everyone out.
MIKE: We had a horrible time on tour. You could answer this question too, Shaner. We ate onions on tour and we hated everyone.
SHANE: They were donuts, Mike. You're trippin'.
MIKE: It was just a passing thing.
MAUZ: It's just a phase, like childhood, when you're all, like, crustyed out.
LOKI: What is Medication Time's purpose as a band?
To get places shut down. Get people evicted, and to make everyone really love me. Because everyone likes me a lot. I could be an international pop sensation.
JOHN: Trying to bring the drive-ins back in America.
LOKI: My friend David thinks that you guys are gonna be one of those bands that plays a bunch of shows in a short period of time, and break up before the year's over…
Shit, man. You can't stop us from rockin'. Look at tonight man, our drummer doesn't show up, but we still fuckin' knock 'em dead.
JOHN: I think David's a really right on guy and he's got a lot of good ideas…
MAUZ: You can't stop us from rockin'!
MIKE: David doesn't know how to play horseshoes. He doesn't even know how to play lawn darts either, I'll bet.
MAUZ: Those Belgians tried to abandon us in Montreal and we still rocked. We ended up playing in a bar that night.
LOKI: How was your tour with Unhinged?
UNHINGED! You know them? Willy is great. Everyone in Unhinged is a prostitute. Ben from Unhinged…
MAUZ: Their guitar player is a really mad drunk… (They started ranting and raving about Unhinged, which was mostly indecipherable.)
MIKE: Next question!
LOKI: What do you think of the Bay Area scene, and what bands are you currently into?
I'm into the SF Seals…
MIKE: Godfelcher! Black Maggot!
MAUZ: People haven't really heard Godfelcher…
MIKE: Lachrymose was one of the greatest bands, you know. But it all started with Black Maggot, that's the most important band ever.
LOKI: Yeah, I remember that gig at Fairview when you threw all the patches into the fire…
That's our stand on patches. We don't believe in that shit. What we wanna ask you, is why the fuck are you recording this? Let me ask you a couple questions. Other than fuckin' recording fools, what do you do?
LOKI: I'm unemployed and shit…
Oh yeah? You get GA?
Food stamps?
You're worthless.
MIKE: Do you know how to drink vodka?
JOHN: Have you ever been in a Turkish prison?
MIKE: Do you like films about gladiators?
MAUZ: Unhinged was in a film about gladiators…
PAUL: It's incredible man, when you see that guy in the little Trojan outfit…
MIKE: I do artwork, I'm a performance artist. Mauz is a mime.
JOHN: I got a six-shopping cart caravan and you might see me going around picking up recycling sometimes…
MIKE: I rob people that sit on the fuckin' freeway on-ramps and I take their fuckin' change. I have sex with as many women as possible…
MAUZ: I wanna ask questions about you, man. You don't have a girlfriend or something? Don't you have anything better to do than talk to losers like us?
MIKE: My influences are Dolemite…motherfuckin' Shaft…
SHANE: Shaft! He's the man!
MIKE: Bring it on! We're sick and tired of this shit!
LOKI: If you could get in a fight with any band, which band would it be?
Unhinged. I'm gonna kick Natalie's ass!
SHANE: Rancid.
MIKE: Any band! Are you gonna print ALL of this?
JOHN: Kelly from Detestation!
MAUZ: Man, that's fucked up…
PAUL: I'm actually interested in collaborations with New Kids on the Block…
MIKE: I'd like to get together with the Spice Girls. If we were gonna get in a fight with anybody, it'd be…
JOHN: Disassociate.
MIKE: Dino! You know him; he was in that band Dystopia. I don't know if anyone's ever heard of them, but supposedly they're like some kind of garage band.
LOKI: If there was a movie about Medication Time, who would play you and what would it be about?
There is a movie about us.
MIKE: It seems like it's going on right fuckin' now! It'd be a fuckin' smut movie, that's for sure.
JOHN: If there were a movie about Medication Time, Mike would play me. Because he's the only person that really knows who I am, yunno?
MAUZ: Mike would play me.
MIKE: I do all the artwork for Medication Time. I do artwork for other bands too, for information, contact Life is Abuse 'cause I sell artwork very cheap. I accept food stamps.
MAUZ: He does artwork for warehouse spaces and stuff, on trucks…
MIKE: I'm an arsonist. What else?
LOKI: What are your future plans?
There is no future, man. Our drummer didn't even show up, and you're asking us about the future?
LOKI: Are there any plans for Medication Time vinyl in the works?
We're gonna rip off your fuckin' radio recorder and you're gonna suffer and love it. Medication Time is gonna fuckin' rock you whether you like it or not. We've played domes from here to fuckin' Alaska, baby! We're here forever! And you're gonna know this! And you're gonna obey the chairman! And you're gonna obey us! Medication Time. You want me to spell it out, bitch?!

And thus the interview was over.

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Fuckin' hilarious. I wanna see a big version of the record cover. It looks fuckin' awesome. This was one of the last shows i went to at Gilman i think.