Friday, July 3, 2009

The Daddio of the Raddio

This is a bit of a departure from the normal punk and metal fare, so hopefully you can find it in yourself to accept that occasionally. DJ stands for disc jockey, and that’s exactly what Porky Chedwick is. When I was a little kid living near Pittsburgh, I’d get to listen to Porky’s show on a regular basis since my dad (RIP) was a huge fan of his. In fact, my dad was such a big fan that he would often record the show straight off the radio. Apparently Porky Chedwick would break out long lost gems that even my father hadn’t been able to dig up in his searches. Porky would occasionally get on my nerves with his patter, but in an age when the airwaves are run by the heartless bastards at Clear Channel, I have to say that I miss legitimate personalities like this one. Stuck in the early ‘60s and loving it, he was the Blonde Wonder with the Record Thunder. The Daddio of the Raddio. The Platter Pushin’ Papa. Pork the Tork, the Boss Man, porkulating and getting you porkafied with his groove porkology. When it rained on you, the sun shone on him. He wasn’t a Spaniard, and he wasn’t from Spain. He was Pork the Tork, and he’d fry your brain. The last I heard, he’s STILL at it, doing what he does best on some small Pittsburgh station. LaMont and Tonelli will probably never have anyone re-record their songs to pay tribute to them on the Bone, but Porky got different groups to do that for him. And we’re not strictly talking about your one-hit wonders doing that either. If he said, “the talented Del Vikings will rule forever,” you can bet that he meant every word. Sometimes you’d listen to his show and hear the record jump or skip at a crucial point in the song. But it wasn’t because Porky didn’t take good care of his records…it was because he was getting worked up into an oldies dance fever and accidentally hit the turntable!

They just don’t make disc jockeys like that anymore.

Although I don’t think this CD was actually recorded from one of his shows, it fits the standard format. Intro and outro songs, re-recorded tributes, promos for local businesses (“Bruno’s Sunoco station”), and of course the Porky patter. None of the records skip here, unfortunately. We’ll get back to the punk and metal next time, but while you’re here, why not enjoy a change of pace with some golden oldies?

“It’s later for the Porkulator! And right now, my man, I’m GONE!”

Get Porkafied!

1. Porky Intro/Theme

2. Whispering Bells [The Del Vikings]

3. Love Walked In [The Flamingoes]

4. Fannie Mae [Buster Brown]

5. Those Oldies But Goodies (Remind Me of You) [Nino & the Ebbtides]

6. Flip, Flop & Fly [Big Joe Turner]

7. This I Swear [The Skyliners]

8. Hey Señorita [The Penguins]

9. Heart and Soul [The Spaniels]
10. 10 Commandments of Love [Harvey & the Moonglows]

11. Blue Moon [The Marcels]

12. Porky Theme/Platter Pushin’ Papa Promo

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