Friday, August 21, 2009

Save for Your Doomed Future

Profane Existence makes an easy target for derision these days, but one shouldn’t forget that they’ve put out some great records over the years. Everyone should have a copy of Doom’s Police Bastard EP, and the Wallow in Squalor EP from State of Fear is most definitely one of the best hardcore records of the 1990s. Let’s not forget the Nausea LP, the Misery records, or more recent bands like Behind Enemy Lines, Hellshock, and Witch Hunt. Profane Existence also occasionally put out some killer punk bands of the less anarcho/crusty variety, such as Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys and Public Nuisance. But Save for Your Doomed Future by Assrash was always my favorite, and it seems to be one of the more underrated records in the Profane Existence catalog.

I remember picking up a copy of Profane Existence #26 and coming across that Assrash interview. Sure, it wasn’t the most compelling piece of punk journalism I’ve ever read. But from what I could tell, they were real true-blue punks who drank a ton, but still managed to keep their brains intact. And I was a seventeen-year-old punk kid on the hunt for new drunk punk bands to listen to. Since I didn’t have a job and my unemployed mother didn’t have extra cash to give me for things like records, it would be a good while before I got to hear some Assrash. But when I did eventually get a job and some cash, the first thing I did was mailorder some records. One of those orders went to Profane and Save for Your Doomed Future was at the top of the list.

Assrash lived up to the expectations with a seven-inch that sounded like the musical equivalent of a barroom brawl. Drunk and disorderly, loud and obnoxious punk noise…with a slight hillbilly tinge to it. With visions of beer-soaked punks dancing in my head, I could practically smell the alcohol emanating from its grooves. It was just what I needed to sometimes forget about the uptight tribalism of the East Bay scene at the time. But it was bittersweet—I knew they’d never tour out this way. Profane Existence took shots at the East Bay scene a lot at the time; and with the exception of Code 13, none of the Minneapolis bands appeared to be interested in playing the West Coast. Oh well. I heard their reunion at the Extreme Noise Records 15th anniversary show earlier this year was great, which comes as no surprise.

Although it’s been nearly seven years since I stopped drinking, this record has managed to stand the test of time where a lot of my old drunk punk favorites haven’t. The record collectors and other assorted punk rock snobs probably hate Assrash, but fuck them. Give this a listen.

But what’s this about their old drummer Pukey D. Drunk becoming a personal fitness instructor?!

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William said...

Yes, I too remember these guys. A fun band to see live, if you lived in Minneapolis. They come from the era of when Profane Existence had a sense of humor.

As far as Pukey goes, I heard he starting lifting weights and picked up on girls at the U of M. I don't blame him, the Profane Existence crowd attracted more uptight and back stabbing jerkoffs.

Though, the PE staff were always interesting people.

The Evil Eye said...

I'm good friends with a woman who used to date Felix von Havoc back in the late '80s, and may have been instrumental in his moving to Minneapolis in the first place. Her stories from twenty years ago suggest that the Profane Existence folks were always too uptight, and ready to turn on you at a moment's notice. "Don't eat tuna and don't drink Coca-Cola, but make sure you've got enough money for cigarettes and booze."

Typical hypocrisy from weak anarcho-fascists telling us how to live our lives. That kind of attitude turned me off to activist politics for good in the mid '90s. Coincidentally, that was right around the same time I discovered Assrash.

I have a vision of Pukey teaching a fitness class to out-of-shape crusty women to the tune of a Jazzercized version of "Fuck You, I'm Drunk" and it's making me laugh. Thanks for conjuring that up, and for looking at Assrash through The Evil Eye!