Friday, September 25, 2009

The Spider Rules Your Emotions

I was at an ill-attended Gilman show about seven years ago, and pawing through one of the Portland distros for some new Japanese hardcore to listen to. After some reasonably careful consideration, one of the CDs I settled on was the highly recommended The Spider Rules Your Emotions CDEP by AGE (Armed Government’s Error), who I knew nothing about. Later that night, I was leveled by the onslaught of AGE and needed more.
Five songs (one of them is a buried track) of blazing crusty hardcore demanded to be played at an excessively loud volume. Killer guitar solos coming from the SDS school of fretboard gymnastics. Before it was over, I had already hit the “REPEAT” button on the CD player so I could blast it a few more times. For the most part, previous AGE records like the Four Wings LP are well versed in their Amebix/Anti-Sect/Bolt Thrower influences. But The Spider Rules Your Emotions is much closer to the classic Japanese hardcore sound that really gets my blood pumping.
AGE came to the Bay Area on tour a couple years ago, and I was one of apparently quite a few who didn’t go to see them. This was during a time when I wasn’t really going to shows at all for my own (personal) reasons. But this CDEP gives me a clear impression of what I probably missed. The top-notch Japanese hardcore bands are usually a cathartic experience live, and AGE could very well have been of those.
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