Friday, October 2, 2009

Dekapitator vs. Nunslaughter

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The Evil Eye is sure longtime followers of underground metal are well aware of both of these bands. Maybe it’s questionable as to how large a percentage of the newer Toxic Holocaust/Skeletonwitch fans can be included, but here’s a chance for some of them to catch up. Although it’s a little bit harder to find, the Dekapitator/Nunslaughter split seven-inch ought to be considered a classic of today’s take on old school thrash metal. That’s my opinion, anyway. But really, this is one split seven-inch where both bands actually deliver the goods on their own.

The Bay Area’s own Dekapitator is the band that initially inspired yours truly to finally grow out the shaved head into a most metal mane. It was at the end of 1998, and Pete Ponitkoff talked me into going to the anti-Christmas show hosted by Necropolis Records at the Covered Wagon Saloon (now Annie’s Social Club) in San Francisco. I think Impaled played, but my attention was centered on the other members-of-Exhumed band that blazed through some killer old school thrash metal like the Bay Area used to do back in the 1980s. While rocking out to tunes like “Release the Dogs” and “Attack With Mayhem,” I couldn’t help but notice that the metalheads had an easier time headbanging with their long hair than I was with my default shaved head. In fact, it kinda felt like my brain was banging against the side of my skull, so I had to stop. While nursing my sore head and neck later that night, I made a decision that I was going to grow out my hair until I got impatient with it—all in the name of better headbanging at shows. Although I have cut my hair at least once since that decision, it’s grown back to even longer proportions…and it is ultimately all due to Dekapitator. Hats off to you, sirs!

While I enjoyed Dekapitator’s We Will Destroy…You Will Obey!!! full-length, it was with much curiosity that I came across Ax/ction Records ads carrying another record of theirs for distro. It was a split seven-inch with one of the most awesome Satan metal band names ever: Nunslaughter. I filed that one away in the ol’ memory bank for an eventual find in somebody’s future record box. That file got reopened a couple years later when I was at a friend’s house dubbing some of his records onto tape. Dekapitator was rougher around the edges, having recorded these songs before the full-length. Somehow, it reminded me of Metallica’s Dave Mustaine demo era, which was a nice surprise.

Then it came time to flip the record over and finally hear what this Nunslaughter band was all about. Ugly devil-worshiping brutality was what I wanted, and Nunslaughter’s trifecta of tuneage delivered it in spades. Their half of the split built itself up perfectly. By the time the black thrash of “Bring Me the Head of God” came blasting out of the speakers to end the record, I was firmly possessed. After I finished taping and left, I stopped off at the nearest Catholic Church and slaughtered me a whole SHITLOAD of nuns! Aside from bathing in their blood, there’s a bunch of stuff that’s just too graphic to mention, so I won’t go into detail here.

When Nick got home from work later that day, he also came across this record while putting his tunes back in order. Apparently he hadn’t listened to the Nunslaughter side yet, but got possessed in a similar fashion upon listening to it. Catholic churches of the Bay Area lost even MORE nuns in the process. In fact, I had slaughtered so many nuns, Nick had to compensate by going after a few altar boys, and well, we’ll just leave it to your imagination. Shit was fucked up, dude. Anyway, these events somehow led to Nick flying Nunslaughter out here a year or so later to play some shows in California and Tijuana. A couple of their Bay Area gigs were some of the most fun I had watching a metal band in a long time, including an incident at Gilman where they started throwing dead rats into the audience. As fun as those shows were, they’d definitely be even better in this present time as the local all-ages metal crowd has gotten quite a bit bigger in recent years. But hey, it’s not our fault you missed out.

With all that in mind, we at The Evil Eye hope you enjoy our first music post inspired by the Halloween season here.

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