Friday, October 16, 2009

Portrait of the King

Fatal Portrait wasn’t the first King Diamond solo album I heard, but it is my favorite. If I’m doing something particularly festive for Halloween, few albums get me in the proper mood better than this one. In particular, the middle section gets my blood boiling for the Halloween spirit, starting with “Dressed in White” and continuing all the way to, well, “Halloween.” But don’t get me wrong, the entire album is flawless in my book. Fatal Portrait never fails to bring back hilarious and debaucherous memories of Halloween festivities. Most of them took place in San Francisco’s Castro district, where people would do ridiculous things to top one another in shedding their inhibitions. Unfortunately, the forces of law and order have done everything in their power to squash these senseless displays of decadence. I may not have Halloween in the Castro anymore, but I still have Fatal Portrait. At least no butch dyke pig is going to come between me and my enjoyment of the King. Cops suck, and so do you if you still haven’t opened your ears to King Diamond and his amazing vocal range.

Open those ears here.

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