Friday, October 30, 2009

The Satanic Mass

“In the name of Satan…the ruler of the earth…the king of the world. I command the forces of darkness to bestow their infernal power upon us. Open wide the gates of hell and come forth from the abyss by these names…”

And so began The Satanic Mass LP in 1968, declared to be the first authentic recording of a Satanic ceremony. Prior to its release, Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan had received widespread media attention for performing the first public Satanic baptism, wedding, and funeral. The Satanic Bible had yet to be released in book form, making this record the general public’s first exposure to what LaVey’s brand of Satanism was really all about. It’s been criticized in the past as a synthesis of the works of Ayn Rand, Nietzche, and Aleister Crowley with ceremonies and rituals. Rather than serving as Christianity’s flip side via animal and child sacrifice, this concept of Satanism came across as more of a philosophy than a religion, based on self-preservation, indulging in life’s pleasures, and “constructive uses of alienation.” As its representative, Satan is intended to be the “literary metaphor for the ultimate prideful rebel, the alienated antihero who revels in his beastly/fleshly instincts yet remains always the gentleman.”

There are a variety of opinions about the late Anton LaVey. Some speak highly of him, others write him off as a carny and a hustler, and he probably resided somewhere in between. Regardless of where your opinion lies, this is interesting as hell (no pun intended) to listen to. I like to smoke a little bit of weed and get lost in the background music and LaVey’s monotone calling forth the Infernal Names and reciting The Book of Lucifer—The Enlightenment. It might be something of an endurance test for those of you who don’t have much of an interest in the subject, but still—load a bowl and give it a shot.

Appropriately enough, this post comes to you on the eve of Devil’s Night. Listen to the Devil’s music before taking to the streets to do his deeds. Indulge in earthly delights and do it amongst friends only. Most of all, have a happy and safe Halloween!

Hail Satan.

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