Friday, November 13, 2009

Cold as Life, Harder Than You

I never cared much for suburban jock retards playing rap metal and calling it “thug core” because the lyrics were about fighting or whatever. But every once in a while, a band would slip through the cracks and get it right, and usually because they were actually legitimate thugs with guitars. With that in mind, Detroit legends Cold as Life define this genre for me and many more astute thug core observers.

They’d started out as a punk band doing what else but capturing the Negative Approach vibe, more so than most attempts I’ve heard. Their original singer Rawn Beauty was a legitimately violent and dangerous motherfucker to be around, and was even featured ranting against the NAACP on a local news expose about skinheads. After recording a handful of demos, Rawn was shot in the head while sleeping one night in 1993. Despite this setback, the band eventually regrouped with a new singer and forged on in Rawn’s memory; much like a gang would despite losing a vital member.

By the time they released Born to Land Hard four years later, Cold as Life had changed their sound to the heavier mosh metal style that they’ve become better known for, the original hardcore punk all but forgotten. Presumably, punk rock was no longer enough to contain the anger and rage the band needed to express in song. The new approach radiated violence from the stereo speakers, giving you the impression that the band members could have easily gotten caught up in some shit, ending up in jail or the morgue on the way to the recording studio.

Cold as Life is gangsta moshcore at its finest. Rust Belt hatred, pulling a drive-by on your show and not giving a shit about your PC punk sensibilities. Your punk ass got something to say about it? Step up here.


speck said...

hey man, you inspired me to update my blog after reading this.


The Evil Eye said...

Hey, that's rad. I'm enjoying your posts about the Detroit hardcore scene as well. Keep them coming!