Friday, December 4, 2009

No Noise in the Silent World

This post is inspired by none other than Aesop over at the awesome Cosmic Hearse blog, which you probably pay close attention to already. If you’re a smart person, that is. Proving that his taste in music is superior to yours, he posted the Maailma Palaa Ja Kuolee EP by the Finnish band Bastards last week. Well, we at The Evil Eye happen to love this band, so we’re contributing to the fun by posting our favorite Bastards record.

Siberian Hardcore is their second album, released by Rock-o-Rama Records in 1984. Yes, the same Rock-o-Rama that released Skrewdriver records. I first heard some of these songs on a bootleg compilation CD titled Ultra Hard-Core Records. Bastards stood out amongst choice cuts from killer bands like Vorkriegsjugend, the Execute, and fellow Finpunk legends Terveet Kadet. Like many a Scandinavian band, Bastards started out giving a nice, lo-fi nod to both Discharge and Disorder. I don’t think it’s the popular opinion, but once they got that out of their system, they progressed to the more mid-paced rock ‘n’ roll-influenced sound that I preferred more. All of their releases are great, but my favorite old Euro punk bands are the ones who emphasized power over speed. Screams from the Gutter by Raw Power and BGK’s Jonestown Aloha are my favorite albums from this era, and Siberian Hardcore rates right up there with them in my book. All three albums kick up the pace when needed, but also vary their tempos in other songs so those full-blast numbers have even more of an impact.

Cosmic Hearse covers the other pertinent info, so I’ll just encourage you to give that post a read if you’re interested. Click here for Aesop’s view, and click here for your trip to Siberia.

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