Friday, February 12, 2010

Pay to Blog!

I don’t think this record needs any introduction. Now, there are some in the world that claim that the Out of Vogue seven-inch by Middle Class deserves recognition as the first American hardcore record. Like someone reviewing American Hardcore for Hit List magazine once said, ignore them. Despite being released in 1978, it should be noted that Out of Vogue had little to no effect on anything. Meanwhile, the Bad Brains damn near started a revolution when they dropped a bomb called the “Pay to Cum” b/w “Stay Close to Me” single two years later. They inspired audiences wherever they went, and also hung out with and taught young kids in burgeoning hardcore bands to play better (i.e. faster and harder). Can anybody say the same thing about Middle Class? Probably not, so give this record a listen and get over the Californian’s arrogant propensity for claiming to have been there first in everything.

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