Friday, March 5, 2010

Burn Metal

Axes to the Sky hailed from the corn fields of Nebraska and were a live favorite of my friend Scarrie Carrie’s when she lived in Lincoln for a spell. They came out here in the summer of 2006 and played a handful of shows in the East Bay, the best being a backyard barbecue hosted by a local metal/punk couple that had a Nebraska connection. I was undergoing weird breakup drama with the girl I was seeing at the time, so I was determined to have a good day. Sure enough, it was one of those awesome summer days where most everything went right. The herb was plentiful, the vibes were good, and the BBQ was delicious. Axes to the Sky set up in the living room and delivered the kind of metal power that went down nicely with near-perfect spare ribs. During the festivities, I came across a stunning vision. She was a breath of fresh air in the smoke and Oakland crusty funk. Clad in a blue denim jacket amidst a sea of black, this redheaded beauty’s name was Lisa. Being a nondrinker and finding out that we both had that in common, it was only natural that we became good friends. For the next year, we would do just that. Lisa’s birthday was this past Monday and even though she probably already has a copy of this CD, we at The Evil Eye would like to post it here as our way of wishing her a happy birthday.

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Lisa said...

Whoa! Thank you!!