Friday, March 12, 2010

Crush the Race of God

Did you like the Hemlock/Black Army Jacket split that I posted a while back? If so, perhaps you’ll also dig Hemlock’s Crush the Race of God album, released in 1997 on Norway’s Head Not Found label. Similar in approach to Darkthrone’s Panzerfaust album, but I like this a lot more. The Cradle of Filth/At the Gates/Dimmu Borgior fans would always cringe when I played this for them and deemed it unlistenable. That’s how you know this is real black metal, not any of that wimpy keyboard crap that turned this shit into a joke in the late ‘90s. Since everything else I had to say about Hemlock was already done so in my previous post, all I can say is click here and unleash Armageddon.

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