Friday, August 27, 2010

Bring Our Curses Home

Although they’re probably remembered by most for being a poor seller on the Sound Pollution catalog, .Nema were a sleeper hit in my music collection about ten years ago. Before “bandana thrash” took effect and eventually reduced hardcore punk to the same status as rockabilly by essentially killing any notion of injecting new ideas into the music, this is what hardcore bands sounded like in the 1990s. Blast beats, harsh vocals, and tuned-down guitars that showed more than a little bit of metal influences. In comparison to similar bands of the time like Gehenna, .Nema resided somewhere in the second or third tier, but don’t let that stop you from giving them a listen.

With an ex-member of Ottawa (whose split LP with Jihad was a favorite back in the day) in the lineup, .Nema was the product of suburban boredom fueled by malt liquor and a love of old school black metal. After releasing two seven-inches, .Nema went on hiatus. During this time, some of their members formed a brief black metal project called Dysentery and also played in Kathode with none other than Andrew W.K. .Nema reformed in the summer of 1997, sounding much better than their previous incarnation. Unfortunately, they didn’t stick around for very long. This LP was recorded at the beginning of 1998 and apparently, the process effectively laid the band to rest once and for all. A year later, Bring Our Curses Home was released and thanks to Arwen Curry’s glowing review in MRR, it found its way into my collection and has remained a part of it ever since. They did a dandy of a Citizens Arrest cover, but the main mix tape favorite was always the song “Success is Theirs” with the effective opening line “This is SHIT! Your life consists of nothing.” Considering the circumstances in which the band formed, I think they’d like knowing that during the summer of 1999, this was a good record to listen to in between Darkthrone and Emperor CDs while smoking weed late at night. Maybe you’ll feel the same way I did, so feel free to bring your curses home here.

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