Monday, September 13, 2010

Pro Wrestling Primer: The way it used to be

This is what professional wrestling is all about: doing things to convince viewers that the wrestlers themselves were for real, even if the sport itself wasn't. You forgot about your smug "wrestling is fake" comments when Roddy Piper smashed himself in the forehead with an unopened beer bottle to make a point to his rivals. You saw the blood pouring and instantly made plans to be at the local arena to see Piper and Rick Martel in the steel cage against the Sheepherders in a couple weeks. It would be a bloodbath. And you also believed that Roddy Piper was serious when he spoke of that bloodbath, even though he didn't make much sense after cracking himself with that bottle of Michelob.

Before ECW, this was hardcore wrestling. In fact, lots of local regional promotions would push the envelope in similar ways to sell tickets to the arena event next week. You can bet that Piper's little stunt with the beer bottle sold a LOT of tickets to that cage match a couple weeks later.

Who won the cage match? Damned if I can remember, but remember when the Sheepherders came out the next week with beer bottles of their own? They teased breaking them over their heads, but drank the beer instead...

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