Friday, September 3, 2010

This is Hardcore, Not East Bay

Three Wheel Motion was a short-lived project with members of Spazz, Slobber, and Charles Bronson that existed when Mark and Jon from Charles Bronson were visiting the Bay Area during the summer of 1995. Some of you might remember seeing this demo listed in 625 Productions’ MRR ads back in the day, but probably didn’t act on ordering a copy. Don’t worry, I didn’t either. By the time I thought to ask Max Ward about it, he was already out of copies. The only person I knew who had the Three Wheel Motion demo was none other than Steve List, and I made sure to include it in a pile of obscure local band demos that I dubbed from him years ago. However, it was Three Wheel Motion guitarist Dan Lactose (of the awesome Ripped Open by Metal Explosions blog) who supplied me with the MP3s a while back, so joints up to you, my man!

Man, this demo is fucking hilarious. Three Wheel Motion may be a hardcore band in the same vein as Charles Bronson, but they’re clearly inspired by mid ‘90s gangsta rap with song titles like “Nine by My Side” and “Hoe Ass Blockbustas.” If that’s not enough, there’s a copious amount of samples from
Menace II Society before every song, complete with gunshots. Other songs display the typical West Bay Doomryder hostility towards the East Bay punk scene, Berkeley’s Telegraph Avenue, and crustys in general. Not sure how much of that is meant in good fun, but whatever. Anybody who would actually take this seriously obviously has no idea what sorts of people were involved with this project.

Load the clip, spark a blunt, flip the switches and hit the Three Wheel Motion here.

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