Friday, April 29, 2011

Back to Bataan

The Maids were formed in a Berkeley co-op house by a group of college anarchists who wanted to unself-consciously rock like so many people did back in the late ‘70s punk era. Unfortunately, their one and only gig at the Mabuhay was a total disaster. They broke up shortly afterward, but left us with this two-song 45. “Back to Bataan” is a revved-up number that pokes at the subject of Japanese soldiers continuing to fight WWII on deserted islands years after the war was lost. “I Do I Do” is somewhat poppier in its approach. If you really want to, you can hear different aspects of this song in the pop punk bands who started out at Gilman Street some ten years later. Not that the Maids are a lost artifact of East Bay pop punk or anything. Despite being anarchists outside of the practice pad, the Maids had no political agenda as a band. They were simply out to have fun playing rock ‘n’ roll crud and had no idea that their 300-press single would eventually fetch a tidy sum of money on the eBay machine. It’s funny how things work sometimes. If you wanna see that Japanese man, click here.

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