Monday, April 18, 2011

Demo Alert: Lie Still

Not too long ago, I saw a Lie Still show that had the dubious distinction of being one of the worst sets that I have seen in nearly twenty years, hands down. That said, any band featuring ex-Benumb vocalist Pete Ponitkoff would pique our interest, so it is good to hear that they have rebounded nicely with this demo. Lie Still does a modernized take on early ‘90s hardcore of the “powerviolence” persuasion with plenty of nods to Infest, Crossed Out, and No Comment. Check out the song “Corrosive” if you enjoy those good old-fashioned Ponitkoff screams of anguish. “Compelled” closes out the demo by allowing room to slow down, catch your breath, and grind your teeth. It isn’t fair to expect them to be as blisteringly intense as Benumb once was, but there is certainly some potential here. Once the rhythm section beefs up, they will be on their way. Retain your molecular balance here.

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