Friday, April 1, 2011

Punk Jacket

Mary Monday was a lesbian stripper who moved to San Francisco from Vancouver in the mid ‘70s intending to make a name for herself. Choosing rock ‘n’ roll as her way to fame, Mary supposedly took BART to every high school in the East Bay until she found enough like-minded people to start a band. After writing some songs and putting together a stage show, Mary Monday & the Bitches began playing live at a Filipino dinner club in San Francisco called the Mabuhay Gardens. Mary and her Bitches became popular quickly, which inspired similarly out-of-place rock ‘n’ roll bands like the Nuns to seek bookings at this bizarre club located in the middle of San Francisco’s red-light district. From there, a new music scene sprouted that has gone through various twists and turns over a number of generations to this very day.

Mary never achieved the commercial success she was looking for, but sometimes people make an impact in other ways than originally intended. Some obscurist cockbag will probably claim otherwise, but as far as anybody else knows, “I Gave My Punk Jacket to Rickie”/“Popgun” is the first true San Francisco punk rock single. This record might come off as more of a novelty record in this day and age, which it probably should. Being what it is, it kind of is a novelty. Give it a listen and fill a necessary piece of the San Francisco punk puzzle here.

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FactuallyCatty said...

Interesting. Mary Monday was actually from St. Louis first. She had an incredible life and traveled the world, sadly she died at a young age while living in Alaska. She was my aunt. Doing some research about her life, would love to chat with anyone who knew her.