Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Demo Alert: Decay

While catching up with my friend Jeff before his band Catheter played at Hazmat in Oakland last week, he handed me a CD-R compiling two demos of a side band he has going on back in Denver. Having heard some of Catheter’s other bands, I was expecting some sort of variation on grindcore when I put it on. However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there is not a single blast beat to be heard in either of these demos. The guitars are tuned down and the vocals sound carcinogenic, but that is as far as their grind influence extends. Decay covers some interesting ground in the process. Their more metal moments remind me of an old Necropolis band called Deathwitch, who I vaguely remember doing a modernized take on mid ‘80s thrash. Other times, they get real catchy and punk it up. I dig that the most. Check out the song “Mad at the World.” Tell me that is not street punk filtered through a metal lens. Decay probably won’t blow your mind or anything, but some of these songs are growing on me. Perhaps they will grow on you too.

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