Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Demo Alert: Negative Standards

Apparently, this is NOT a demo, but a “cassette EP” release. Excuse me. Anyway, this special demo post is the third in a row regarding an Acts of Sedition-related side band. That is pure coincidence, by the way. The third time is indeed the charm, as Negative Standards have proven to be the best of the trio. Little did I know that they have been at it for a couple of years now, which shows you just how much I have been paying attention. Negative Standards is about as generic of a hardcore band name as it gets, but there is more to them than their moniker. Threaded together by various sound bites, one could say that their sludgy doom-and-gloom hardcore picks up where Artimus Pyle left off. War is the sole lyrical topic here, but it is examined in a more introspective fashion than standard practice. Instead of “bombs fall from the sky, shit explodes and people die,” these five songs are about being forced to scrutinize and re-examine one’s views on the military. It is one thing to call yourself “punk” and claim strict political beliefs, regardless of your affiliation. It’s another thing when your black-and-white worldview is put to the test by real-life circumstances. Life is not that simple. The author of these lyrics is coming to terms with examples of that fact. Most excellent.

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