Friday, May 20, 2011

Personal Affair

For a long time, Japanese hardcore of the late ‘80s variety came dangerously close to eclipsing my love for dirty Bay Area punk. That’s not so much the case now due to shifts in my musical tastes, but one record that still stands out is Brain Death’s Personal Affair seven-inch from 1987. While Nintendo set up their corporate headquarters in their hometown of Kyoto, Brain Death kicked up a racket loud enough for Selfish Records to hear. Personal Affair was their only offering to the world, showing that they were more than capable of delivering high-octane thrash in a vein similar to that of S.O.B. or Gudon. Unfortunately, they never issued a follow-up and faded away into obscurity.

Personal Affair was bootlegged some years back to reintroduce it to the modern generation of Japanese hardcore fans. Not sure how much it caught on, but one can hope that at least a few people out there threw this in with their Effigy records. If not, you have another chance to crank up the volume and enjoy Brain Death cutting a frantic pace fronted by the high pitch of a lady named Sachi. Get into your own personal affair here.

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