Friday, May 6, 2011

Trust in Technology

I admittedly know very little about this early San Francisco artpunk outfit. One thing I do know is that I enjoy this record a whole lot. “Trust in Technology” is a demented synth-driven ditty that might be even more relevant now than it was in 1979. Modern punk bands like Tragedy have expressed similar sentiments about the rapid speed at which technology advances, just in a more sternly serious manner. Something tells me that “In the Slot” was written from personal experience. It’s an ode to San Francisco’s seedy side; namely the various peepshow booths and strip clubs of the city’s North Beach district. Regardless of how you feel about the subject matter, the song does a fine job capturing the spirit of “old” San Francisco—freaky, sexy, dirty, and with a bit of a sinister underbelly. I wish I knew more about the Adaptors, because both of these songs are fantastic. Trust in technology and put another quarter in the slot here.

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Terry Finnegan said...

I was the singer and wrote the words on this record. It was done in 1981. It is great to see that it still lives on in cyberspace.