Friday, July 29, 2011

Just a Statistic

In the mid to late ‘90s, State of Fear stood tall and proud as the best crusty hardcore band to come out of the Twin Cities punk scene. Their self-titled debut was very good, but it turned out to be a mere walk in the park compared to their second release, the Wallow in Squalor EP on Profane Existence. Holy shit! With their musical phasers set to kill, State of Fear produced a powerful musical statement that effectively told older bands like Misery and Destroy! to stand aside. Their “ex-members of” pedigree was rendered irrelevant. State of Fear took the best elements of Disrupt and Hail of Rage to then completely blow both bands out of the water. Your band wished you could pull off even one song that was as raging as “Just a Statistic” or “Violation.” Too bad you didn’t know how to, but it was occasionally nice to hear you try.

State of Fear were not new millenium “d-beat” posers making their records sound raw through the ironic use of expensive computer programs. This was angry music for angry people. Each song was tailored to serve as the soundtrack to a full-scale riot. It still gets me when I listen to “Just a Statistic” and I hear that quick pause at the beginning before exploding into song. I can still feel it in my bloodstream. The seething rage that comes with the territory of knowing that you are trapped in an unfair world that you never made. Feeling the need to destroy what is legitimately offensive to your sense of being. Wanting to elevate yourself and all disadvantaged people to a level where we can focus on taking back what belongs to us and living better lives.

I hope that Wallow in Squalor makes a few top ten lists when folks decide to look closer at the best US punk records of the 1990s. Although I haven’t actually made my list yet, I think State of Fear will hold their own against the competition when I get around to it. Maybe you need a reminder of just how great this record was, and still is.

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crisis13 said...

Great record and band. I saw them in Albuquerque at an all-ages place. It was funny because Jay was drinking a Tecate when other bands were playing and a "volunteer" told him it was a no alcohol venue so he just slammed it and tossed the empty to the ground. Oh, and their set was pretty good too.