Saturday, July 9, 2011


The following cassettes have been re-uploaded with much better sound:

* The Masked Men - 1995 Demo
* Reivers - 2010 Demo
* Negative Standards - s/t Cassette EP
* Badr Vogu - 2011 Tour demo
* Cancer Alley - 1995 Demo

If you have downloaded these before, please go back and replace those old MP3s with these new ones. Trust me, there is a world of difference. The Evil Eye is still new to converting tapes to digital form, but I think we have ironed out most of the bugs and are ready to proceed. Some of our earliest posts need to be re-upped as well. We will let you know when that happens.

For the record, all of our vinyl and cassette rips are done at a bit rate of 320kbps, which is as good of quality as MP3s get. This doesn't mean much to most people, but it does matter to us. Sure, it's free music and people shouldn't complain about getting killer tunes with a simple point and click. That said, why take all that time to convert a record or tape to MP3, only to produce a result of poor quality? It makes no sense to me.

The Evil Eye may not be as well-known as some of these other blogs who have more friends in high places, but we try to make up for our lack of social grace with dedication towards expressing our enthusiasm for our escapist interests. We appreciate you stopping by and leaving the occasional comment. Keep coming back and looking at life through The Evil Eye!


monster said...

Nice one! Do you have that ojo/inflicted split? I don't. I would love to hear it if you do.

The Evil Eye said...

Unfortunately, no. Missed out on that one.