Friday, August 12, 2011

24 Hours of American Hardcore

You can say what you will about Stephen Blush and American Hardcore, his book on the early ‘80s North American hardcore scene. Whether you like the book or not, you gotta admit that it sure was cool of him to upload over nine hundred songs as kind of a soundtrack to the era he was documenting. The only drawback was that you had to download each song one at a time, which takes quite a while. Considering that a lot of the songs required more than one download attempt, that can wear on one’s patience after a while. We at The Evil Eye know this all too well—we actually wasted an entire evening downloading all 911 songs. To save you a substantial amount of time, we decided to put all of those MP3s into ten different folders, alphabetically arranged by band order, and uploaded them here. Enjoy!…or don’t. It’s not like 99.9% of you ever let us know what you think of these posts anyway. Assholes.

Click here for the A-B folder.
Click here for the C-D folder.

Click here for the E-G folder.

Click here for the H-K folder.

Click here for the L-M folder.

Click here for the N-P folder.

Click here for the P-R folder.

Click here for the S folder.

Click here for the T-U folder.

Click here for the V-Z folder.


monster said...

Great post evil eye. Thanks for going to all the hassle.

Wolfgang said...

Thank you for this bounty. Luckily my original copy of AH went missing so I can buy the REPRINTING with 20% more pictures and recollections about bands that are just no good at all.

Wain said...

Super cool guys!

Jonathan said...

Killer post. Much thanks

Anonymous said...

thanks for doing this!

Anonymous said...

What a work, wow. Thanx a lot!
For folks with "liberal" prisons it looks like a smart idea to send some download-coupon like thing or a player inside to one's buddies - filled with 911 songs of pure harmony. Ask your local ABC for instructions...


WiZO said...


is there any way you can upload this again?