Friday, August 19, 2011

Abuso Sonoro vs. Autoritär

Bear witness as Brazil battles it out with Germany for worldwide crusty hardcore supremacy. I’m sure a lot of you reading this are already familiar with Abuso Sonoro, since they managed to do a better job getting themselves out there. Perhaps you enjoyed their Herencia LP, or maybe you still have their great split seven-inch with Detestation gathering dust somewhere in your collection. This actually isn’t as immediately impactful as either of those records are, but the Brazilians still do a good, solid job nonetheless. As for Autoritär, this is probably my favorite material that I’ve heard from them. They shove the recording levels into the red zone and go for your throat with their brutal crusty thrash attack. Politically, they are as loud and uncompromising as Abuso Sonoro…but then they come out of left field with “Extreme Dry Humping,” a goofy ditty about getting your leg fucked by an overly horny dog. Germans aren’t known for having a sense of humor, so it’s nice to see that these guys manage to retain theirs while criticizing everything gone wrong on this planet. My allegiances lie with Deutschland on this one, but don’t let me influence your opinion. Pick a winner here.

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