Sunday, August 21, 2011

Demo Alert: Permanent Ruin

As I write this, I have only seen Permanent Ruin once and do not recall much about that show. However, I did try to redeem myself by picking up this demo at another gig where I managed to show up just after they had finished playing. I lose for missing their set the other night, but goddamn, am I ever on the winning team now! Permanent Ruin might just become my new favorite local band if they keep up this pace. Explosive, heavy hardcore that fortunately doesn’t just stick to one style. Their influences are all over the place. If it fits under the “hardcore” banner, chances are that Permanent Ruin employs an aspect of it somewhere in their tuneage. Personally, I am happy that there are new bands popping up in THIS vein. You’ll have to get your own copy of this demo to fully appreciate the secret weapon these ragers have in their arsenal—read the lyrics and take heed. Their previous bands—In Disgust and Hostile Takeover—were some of the better outfits terrorizing the San José area, so definitely jump on this bandwagon and enjoy the ride now that it has begun.


Matt said...

Already listened to it twice!

Anonymous said...

i like this demo a lot! raging, short and to the point. been reading your blog for quite some time (yeah - i'm one of those lazy assholes that don't leave comments) and i really like it. pretty wide variety of music and really good writeups (lot of priceless info about east bay hardcore punk). i like your approach - i also think punk rock and trash culture go really well together :) a thousand thanks for posting the likes of disassociate, cancer alley, excruciating terror, cruevo/brainoil, out cold and many others. and for the words that came with them. i had much fun reading the posts and listening to the music. there's a lot of truth in what you have to say about 90s hc. there was a lot of interesting shit going on in that decade. keep up the good work!