Friday, August 5, 2011

No Reward

Dude, do you remember that band No Reward? You don’t? Man, that’s crazy. No Reward were the SHIT. That one-arm dude from Agents of Satan was singing for them. Yup, shit was tight. A couple guys from A Death Between Seasons were doing guitar and drums and that beardo guy from that Thousandswilldie band was also on guitar. You weren’t at that one show they played? With those bands? At that one place? Aw, man…you SO missed out. No Reward tore shit up. For a second there, I thought hardcore was gonna get real again. I heard they broke up after that one show because they were so good that night, they just knew there would be no way they could ever top it. It’s best to go out while you’re still on top, know what I mean? I was THERE, man. You weren’t. So there.

Click here and get the fuck out of my face, bitch-ass poser.

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