Monday, September 26, 2011

Demo Alert: Bird

More ‘90s-style hardcore from the Bay Area, this time courtesy of a band hailing from the often-ignored city of San José. Regular attendees of local hardcore and grind shows will probably recognize these folks from the amount of weed they burn each time they show up, which is fairly often. Bird didn’t really do much for me when I saw them play last year’s UGZ Speed Trials at Gilman Street, sorry to say. However, an entire calendar’s worth of practice (and maybe a lineup change, I am not sure) has resulted in their rapid improvement. If nothing else, this demo is a fine example of how properly sequencing the tracks can be quite effective. Songs one and two were all fine and good, but then “Rainbow Colors in Wrong Order” blasted out of my speakers and got me hooked. Although the clean guitar part in the middle threw me off, the rest of the song embodies everything I enjoy about ‘90s hardcore to a T. From there, the rest of the songs seem get faster and more intense. Bird is probably seen as a grindcore band by most—which is accurate—but they deserve better than to be lumped in with what typically passes for today’s interpretation of grind. From what I can tell, they are interested in spreading their wings a bit further than that. No plans to fly south with their music seem to be afoot, so do yourself a favor by keeping a close observation of this flock and what flight patterns they will take in the future. Hell, you don’t even need binoculars to do so.

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me said...

yesterday was one of the crappiest days of my life (without a death involved). today i accidently stumbled across your bog thingy and i am laffing so hard, and so happy, and feel so "damnnnnnnnnnnn, im not the only one who thinks this weird, unusual way about this...., anyway, THANK YOU FOR YOUR RAMBLINGS THEY/YOU/YOUALL ARE AWESOME!!!