Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Demo Alert: Connoisseur

Years ago, I was smoking a huge bowl and talking to a friend online when I came to the realization that hardcore was the best music to listen to during a good smoking session. For the record, the Urban Waste seven-inch was the soundtrack at that moment, with the volume turned up as high as I had gotten upon making that observation. Connoisseur is a band that is of a similar opinion, taking much of their musical influence from the kind of ‘90s hardcore that is definitely the antithesis to their pro-pot philosophy. Instead of beating down the drunks, Connoisseur seeks to fuck up those who hand you a cashed bowl. Their version of the firestorm is intended to produce a mushroom cloud of marijuana smoke over the city of Oakland, which is certainly more positive than what Earth Crisis had in mind. However, you will have to ask them about their stance on burrito consumption and the effect it will have on the future of humankind.

Despite what some people would have you believe, much of the Bay Area hardcore scene revolves around a “get stoned, play fast” mentality. This is nothing new by any means, but I am hard-pressed to name very many good newer bands that espouse marijuana’s virtues in their lyrics. Connoisseur is a band that has stepped up to the stage with blunt in hand. Go to their shows and get baked with them. If you are local, there is a good chance you already have. Roll a joint and practice your floorpunching here, which also features The Evil Eye’s exclusive bonus track “Midgets.”

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frank zito said...

this is some of the greatest artwork i have ever seen