Friday, September 16, 2011

My Blog's Your Poison

Everyone who likes Japanese hardcore has their favorite compilation, right? Great Punk Hits, anyone? How about Thrash ‘Til Death? Farewell to Arms, perhaps? My Meat’s Your Poison happens to be the choice favorite here at The Evil Eye. Released in 1986, this record compiles the style of Japanese hardcore we always liked the most—out of control, frantically fast thrash that still manages to remember the value of a good tune. Not only does My Meat’s Your Poison feature some of the best material from both Outo and S.O.B., but it also served as our introduction to Chicken Bowels and the amazing Gudon. Systematic Death and Lip Cream have had better outings elsewhere, but that isn’t to say that their contributions are inferior by any means. On a different day and a different compilation, either of those bands are certainly capable of delivering boss tuneage worthy of the main course. Today it’s My Meat’s Your Poison and there’s other bands stepping up to the plate of Kobe steak.

Enough ranting, it’s time to dig in! What’s that? You don’t eat meat? Do not fret. The Evil Eye’s personal chef was thoughtful enough to set aside some room for our vegan friends, so let us all step up to this platter of tasty tunes and feast to our collective heart’s content here. Happy eating!

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