Friday, September 23, 2011

Society & Other Bad Habits

By this point, 2.5 Children Inc. reside on the side of ‘90s punk that a lot of today’s remaining participants would prefer to forget. If you read Slug & Lettuce regularly, you probably remember photos and glowing reviews of these guys in practically every issue. Although 2.5 Children fit the dreadlocked crusty punk description, their music was influenced by anything but the likes of Antisect or Deviated Instinct. You could compare them to Avail in that they espoused anarcho politics while playing a similarly melodic, friendlier style of punk rock. It has also been said that this comparison can be extended to their great live shows versus lackluster recordings, but I don’t know anything about that. What I do know is that I have always enjoyed 2.5 Children’s first seven-inch, titled Society & Other Bad Habits much more than any later material I have heard from them.

Back when I was a wide-eyed teenage punker, this was one of the first records I got in an effort to catch up with bands that actually existed within my own generation. I was under the (incorrect) impression that 2.5 Children Inc. hailed from Pittsburgh—where I’m originally from—so that had something to do with it too. During this time, I was working on starting my own crappy punk band, so this record was something of an inspiration to me. The whole vibe gave me the impression that they didn’t give a damn if their recording sucked and people didn’t know who they were. They were just gonna go for it, press this damn record, and maybe somebody out there would like it. If not…fuck it, at least their shitty punk band had something to show for all that time wasted, right? I love that attitude.

Throughout the 1990s, tons of bands existed with that same attitude and their records flood record store clearance bins everywhere. These are the bands that remind me of how spoiled many musicians are here in the Bay Area. Perhaps the next time you want to complain about not profiting from touring the underground punk circuit, you will stop and realize how lucky you are to even have that opportunity in the first place. 2.5 Children Inc. didn’t hail from a hip and happening scene like the Bay Area. Instead, they were from the bullshit borough of West Chester, PA and weren’t trying to “get noticed” like your stupid band. One can imagine that this one seven-inch would have allowed them to die happy punks while you expect people to pay for your band’s recording and cater to your every need en route to the pressing plant. Wanna know which one I think is more worthy of being called a “punk band”? Click here and find out.

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You wouldn't happen to have the tracklist for Society and Other Bad Habits, would you??