Friday, September 30, 2011


Swankers PMS first came to my attention in the mid ‘90s when I saw them listed in ads for Distortion Records’ Varning! För Punk comp CD. I knew absolutely nothing about Swedish hardcore at the time, but their name jumped out at me due to the Sex Pistols reference. Sending money to Sweden sounded sketchy to me (let alone Distortion’s horrible reputation), so I never bought the comp. However, Swankers PMS were filed away in my memory bank for later use.

Educated followers of Swedish hardcore can tell you that it isn’t always about bands like Anti-Cimex or Skitsystem. Sometimes it is about bands that have considerably less doomsday riffage in their repertoire. They may have hated skinheads enough to write a song called “Anti-Oi,” but Swankers PMS definitely resembled a cranked-up street punk band more than anything else. That discovery was a pleasant surprise to these ears. I was expecting a raw Discharge-style massacre like most Scandi-core bands I am familiar with. However, I think my current taste in music appreciates Swankers’ catchy Oi-on-amphetamines approach more.

Amongst the collector scum set, Swankers PMS are apparently known for releasing what is supposedly one of Sweden’s hardest-to-find punk records. Of course, that means next to nothing here at The Evil Eye. All that matters to us is whether the record is good. Fortunately, Swankers PMS were fucking great. You’re gonna dig this shit too, so quit being a wanker and get with the Swankers here.

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