Friday, September 9, 2011

T.V. Casualties

You might not remember when every stupid shitpunk poser kid wore a Social Outcast patch on their hoodie without actually hearing the band, but I sure do. A couple years before all those patches materialized, this record was part of a pile that I had acquired at some Gilman show. I cannot remember why I had such high expectations for this particular seven-inch, but it was such a huge letdown that I filed it away for eons and never listened to it again. My music collection was actually in storage by the time all the dumb kids started wearing those patches, so I couldn’t even sell it to one of them. Yet, I could have sworn that I managed to get rid of it somehow.

Fifteen years after I bought that damn record—and a good ten since I saw or heard a mention of them—somebody on the scenester board mentions a new band out of Detroit called Final Assault. Damned if they don’t have at least one ex-member of Social Outcast in the lineup. Everything I just wrote previously came to mind, so I checked my seven-inches…and there it was. Social Outcast managed to survive multiple collection purges by virtue of the fact that I had legitimately forgotten that I still owned their record. I couldn’t help but laugh. Out of all the records I have unloaded, THIS one stuck around?

Perspective is a funny thing. I hated this record like the cancer in 1996. Even to my ears at the time, this was just boring and generic in comparison to the other records I bought that evening. I am even more of a music Nazi in 2011, complete with a lesser enthusiasm for anarcho crusty stylings. That said, this record isn’t nearly as bad as I remember it being. Had I been the punk in Detroit that I was in the East Bay back then, it is safe to say that Social Outcast probably would have been “my” band that I followed and tried to hang out with. I would have known whom the song “R.S.A.” was about and sang along to the lyrics about Dee-troyt skinhead thuggery. Perhaps I would have bugged them for a ride to NYC to take part in the Squat or Rot scene too. Of course, this record would have seen constant turntable action throughout it all.

Maybe that’s why TV Casualties has been so elusive of the dreaded to-sell pile all this time. Perhaps the record gods sprinkled some magic fairy dust on it for protection, knowing that I would come to appreciate this record for what it is. We at The Evil Eye are not sure if you’ll see it the same way, but you’re welcome to give it your best shot here.


Anonymous said...

Oh crap, sorry. We where the new improved SxOx that could finish songs. We where hoping to do more than sped up versions of old songs but shit got stupid. thanks for this though.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of re-uploading this one? Thanks.