Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Demo Alert: Swamp Witch

As I begin this post, I should probably mention two things. One, I am not nearly high enough to properly do Swamp Witch the justice they deserve. Two, modern doom metal bores the ever-loving shit out of me most of the time. I could go into further detail regarding my negative opinion of the music and its fans, but that would take away from the fact that Swamp Witch is one of the few doom bands that has managed to register with me. That is not to say that it didn’t take me a while to actually finish listening to this demo (goddamn nine-minute songs…), but an afternoon of resin hits and video games called for a necessary soundtrack that Swamp Witch was able to provide. With that out of the way, this demo has become something I listen to on a regular basis. The doom metal die-hards will eat this up regardless of what I have to say about it, which is all fine and good. However, there is also a little something for self-respecting crusty punks who may still have a ripped-up Damad shirt in their closets. Some of their guitar tones make me think that Swamp Witch would not have been out of place on the Prank Records roster ten to fifteen years ago. Perhaps Ken Sanderson should consider that before somebody like Southern Lord snaps them up, which would probably just reduce Swamp Witch to being another face in the crowd. 

That said, the B-side of this demo makes it obvious that Swamp Witch intends to avoid being easily dismissed. Having stopped paying any attention to hip-hop ten years ago, I am certainly not one to offer an educated opinion on the recent “chopped and screwed” phenomenon that has spread throughout areas below the Mason-Dixon Line. Apparently, this new sub-genre is a product of DJs drinking copious amounts of cough syrup while cutting up random records. I believe the cough syrup inspires them to play their records at slower speeds, so it makes sense that Swamp Witch would send their recording to one of the top DJs of this variety (Houston’s DJ Dreemz) to put through the ringer. Dreemz does exactly that, providing quite the bizarre, psychedelic journey of sound. If you have been searching for something different from doom, you may have found it here. Take a bunch of bong hits and give it a chance. 

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