Friday, October 7, 2011

Goat Metal

Black Goat is (probably) a reference to Shub-Niggurath, a deity in the Cthulu Mythos that may or may not have been Lovecraft’s take on the Greek god Pan. These horny bastards were part of San Francisco’s nascent black metal scene in the late ‘90s, sharing the stage with bands like Weakling, Ludicra, Sangre Amado, and Unholy Cadaver. Honestly, the first two bands mentioned cast quite a shadow for the others to reside in. Do not interpret that as saying Black Goat weren’t good jolly fun the few times I saw them live though. One of those occasions actually took place at Gilman Street in the winter of 1998. Legit metal shows were infrequent at the club then, so it was a special occasion when Black Goat took the stage with Exhumed and Weakling to try raising money to help out Epicenter in their dying days. It was strange to see metal bands playing a benefit show for the MRR-operated record store, but I later gathered that they were actually rather open-minded about stocking choice black metal vinyl. The one thing I remember about Black Goat that evening was being quite impressed with their drummer. He went for it so hard that he duct-taped his drumsticks to his hands so he could finish the set. His dedication to evil rock ‘n’ roll was admirable. Unfortunately, Black Goat seemed to fade away a year or two later.

This was recorded live on UC Davis’ KDVS station in 1997. Not a bad recording for what it is. Sure, you could say that putting in actual studio time would have made for a fuller sound. Personally, I usually judge bands based on their live sets and this is pretty much how I vaguely remember them sounding. With that in mind, I’m not complaining. Nor should you. Black Goat was raw and ugly and so is this CD. They are a piece of the Bay Area black metal puzzle. How necessary of a piece they are remains to be seen.


Clint B said...

Cool! Thanks.

The Evil Eye said...

Most welcome, sir.

Brian said...

YES! i grabbed this from a blog years ago, lost it, then found the CD last year via some dudes list of CD's he was selling. it was surprisingly hard to find and i am so glad i got it back. i personally love it but i know of others who find it to be mediocre at best. well whatever, it is a moment in time of bay area 90's black metal. again, i have this but the write up kicks ass. cheers once again! look forward to the AOS stories!