Monday, October 31, 2011

A live Alice Cooper video from 1971

How appropriate that our friends at Kill That Cat Video decide to post their Alice Cooper video on Halloween. I watched this at Dan's house a month or two ago. Although the footage is a bit on the grainy side, it is still great to see the original Alice Cooper Band playing "Second Coming" and "The Ballad of Dwight Fry" from Love it to Death, which is probably my favorite album of theirs.

My parents used to tell me a story about seeing Alice Cooper at a small club in Pittsburgh back in the early '70s. I could be wrong, but to hear them tell the tale, I believed the venue was about the same size as Gilman Street. To me, that club is the perfect size for large-scale underground punk and metal shows, so that means my folks got to see Alice Cooper in a venue that was most conducive to a great rock 'n' roll experience.

As the story goes, neither of my parents were all that familiar with Alice Cooper, but they became fans after this particular show. The band was in fine form that evening, delivering the goods with badass proto-heavy metal and winning over the crowd. Midway through their set, they decided to take things to another level. One by one, every member of the band (except the drummer) climbed up to a rafter hanging above the stage. They took it upon themselves to hang upside down from said rafter for a portion of their set while swinging back and forth. Did they miss a beat? Hell no. This is Alice motherfucking Cooper we are talking about here!

If you were up front during this show, you probably got a good kick out of the fact that the band members' collective manes were so long that they were brushing the stage and leaving trails in the dust. Of course, this was one of those low-ceiling venues, but that's a rad visual if you ask me. Anyone at the show who wasn't already a fan was certainly converted by now.

As much as I would like to cross Alice Cooper off of my list of bands I need to see live before I (or they) die, I just don't think my experience could ever top a story like that.

Roll a dirt weed doober, enjoy the video, and have an awesome Halloween!

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