Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Demo Alert: Your Enemy

There is a war inside their heads and they are Your Enemy—an excellent new grindcore band from Oakland that has helped make me feel excited about the direction of our local music scene. Although they have not played very many shows, Your Enemy has already demonstrated that they are perfectly capable of generating a whole lot of energy on their behalf. Just this past weekend, they laid waste to a local basement venue called the Swamp and nearly rendered the other good local bands on the bill irrelevant. Our more faithful readers may recall that I am not particularly impressed with very many newer grind bands, but Your Enemy is clearly an exception. I like grind when it is delivered with instrumental power and sounds like a rabid pit bull. Your Enemy brings that in spades. The scariest thing about this demo is the fact that the band can only get better from here. I hope that you will die before these motherfuckers have a chance to kill you themselves.


Arekusu said...

This is some good shit! Thank for the post. Its always nice to see Oakland is still grindin' it out.

Brian said...

Got this. Pumped to listen to it. thanks!

Brian said...

love this. thank you! still anxiously awaiting AoS v. Gilman stories! Please! ;)

cheers and thanks, this blog kicks ass and is criminally underrated. maybe thats a good thang???

The Evil Eye said...

Thanks, Brian. Agents vs. Gilman will be up in a couple of weeks, I promise.

Criminally underrated isn't such a bad place to be if you think about it. Better than being overrated!