Friday, December 23, 2011

Nail Guns for Jesus

More maxed-out crusty hardcore goodness, this time courtesy of young punkers from the Twin Cities. I actually reviewed this evil little platter for People Under No King zine over ten years ago and really enjoyed it. Admittedly, Baptize This has not actually seen that much turntable action since then. Yet, it has survived a couple purges of record collection filler, so I guess it managed to leave some kind of lasting impression on me despite the lack of play. Similar to what I said a couple weeks ago, I’m not nearly as enthusiastic about frantically paced crustcore as I used to be. That said, I still enjoy this record for the most part. Pontius Pilate incorporated a few more elements into their sound that made them sound different from previous bands in their area. It seemed like a new wrinkle in the ‘Minneapolis sound,’ giving hope that there would be more to come. The title track is still worth the price of admission all by itself. Naturally, a band called Pontius Pilate is going to take on the lord and savior in their lyrics and these guys certainly do that. Jesus doesn’t seem like such a bad person, but I’ll never not get a kick out of the line, “Jesus is dead and he’s not coming back. If he does, we’ve got NAIL GUNS!” I don’t know that this record “kills” like I said it did in my old review, but click here to upset your pastor anyway.

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