Friday, August 26, 2011

Rock You Like a Hurricane

More maxed-out Teutonic thrash brutality, this time courtesy of an obscure band who named themselves after the werewolf character pursuing Atreyu in The NeverEnding Story. Little is known about them, but I do know that their “extreme earslaughter core” tag is quite the fitting description. Once you get past the all-too-long sample intro (which is in German), Gmork is a raw, violent blastcore blitzkrieg fronted by inhuman eruptions of psychotic, shrieking fury. I get the impression that there’s a black metal influence at work here, although they never actually go in that direction. It’s just a feeling I get from different aspects of their approach, including the drumming. My attempts at turning people on to this record didn’t really work when I first got it. Ten years and a few technological advancements later allows for a second chance. I think the grind fanatics might dig this, so take a shot and get your hurricane rocked here.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Demo Alert: Permanent Ruin

As I write this, I have only seen Permanent Ruin once and do not recall much about that show. However, I did try to redeem myself by picking up this demo at another gig where I managed to show up just after they had finished playing. I lose for missing their set the other night, but goddamn, am I ever on the winning team now! Permanent Ruin might just become my new favorite local band if they keep up this pace. Explosive, heavy hardcore that fortunately doesn’t just stick to one style. Their influences are all over the place. If it fits under the “hardcore” banner, chances are that Permanent Ruin employs an aspect of it somewhere in their tuneage. Personally, I am happy that there are new bands popping up in THIS vein. You’ll have to get your own copy of this demo to fully appreciate the secret weapon these ragers have in their arsenal—read the lyrics and take heed. Their previous bands—In Disgust and Hostile Takeover—were some of the better outfits terrorizing the San José area, so definitely jump on this bandwagon and enjoy the ride now that it has begun.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Abuso Sonoro vs. Autoritär

Bear witness as Brazil battles it out with Germany for worldwide crusty hardcore supremacy. I’m sure a lot of you reading this are already familiar with Abuso Sonoro, since they managed to do a better job getting themselves out there. Perhaps you enjoyed their Herencia LP, or maybe you still have their great split seven-inch with Detestation gathering dust somewhere in your collection. This actually isn’t as immediately impactful as either of those records are, but the Brazilians still do a good, solid job nonetheless. As for Autoritär, this is probably my favorite material that I’ve heard from them. They shove the recording levels into the red zone and go for your throat with their brutal crusty thrash attack. Politically, they are as loud and uncompromising as Abuso Sonoro…but then they come out of left field with “Extreme Dry Humping,” a goofy ditty about getting your leg fucked by an overly horny dog. Germans aren’t known for having a sense of humor, so it’s nice to see that these guys manage to retain theirs while criticizing everything gone wrong on this planet. My allegiances lie with Deutschland on this one, but don’t let me influence your opinion. Pick a winner here.

Friday, August 12, 2011

24 Hours of American Hardcore

You can say what you will about Stephen Blush and American Hardcore, his book on the early ‘80s North American hardcore scene. Whether you like the book or not, you gotta admit that it sure was cool of him to upload over nine hundred songs as kind of a soundtrack to the era he was documenting. The only drawback was that you had to download each song one at a time, which takes quite a while. Considering that a lot of the songs required more than one download attempt, that can wear on one’s patience after a while. We at The Evil Eye know this all too well—we actually wasted an entire evening downloading all 911 songs. To save you a substantial amount of time, we decided to put all of those MP3s into ten different folders, alphabetically arranged by band order, and uploaded them here. Enjoy!…or don’t. It’s not like 99.9% of you ever let us know what you think of these posts anyway. Assholes.

Click here for the A-B folder.
Click here for the C-D folder.

Click here for the E-G folder.

Click here for the H-K folder.

Click here for the L-M folder.

Click here for the N-P folder.

Click here for the P-R folder.

Click here for the S folder.

Click here for the T-U folder.

Click here for the V-Z folder.

Friday, August 5, 2011

No Reward

Dude, do you remember that band No Reward? You don’t? Man, that’s crazy. No Reward were the SHIT. That one-arm dude from Agents of Satan was singing for them. Yup, shit was tight. A couple guys from A Death Between Seasons were doing guitar and drums and that beardo guy from that Thousandswilldie band was also on guitar. You weren’t at that one show they played? With those bands? At that one place? Aw, man…you SO missed out. No Reward tore shit up. For a second there, I thought hardcore was gonna get real again. I heard they broke up after that one show because they were so good that night, they just knew there would be no way they could ever top it. It’s best to go out while you’re still on top, know what I mean? I was THERE, man. You weren’t. So there.

Click here and get the fuck out of my face, bitch-ass poser.