Friday, January 20, 2012

Nobody's Wiping

Despite what I said about State of Fear some months back, I think it goes without saying that Misery stands tall as the undisputed kings of Twin Cities crust. Perhaps someone else who is more active in the area’s punk scene than we are can tell us differently. Until that happens, their claim to royalty remains intact amongst the hygienically challenged masses. This record was recorded live in New York City and released by the famed Squat or Rot label in 1993. For a live recording, this isn’t bad at all. Misery sounds exactly as how one should expect them to in this setting—a godawful drunken racket. These three songs are staples in their set too, at least from what I have seen of them. One is a spirited cover of the Amebix favorite “Nobody’s Driving,” which sounds like your drunken loser friends in the garage after a couple of 40s. To me, this is another one of those records where you can smell the stench of stale malt liquor and other assorted aromas emanating from the grooves. Unfortunately, we do not provide the piss-yellow vinyl or the back cover photo of some dude’s crusty ass for the full effect. That might be quite all right in your book though. Just get wasted and enjoy the tunes, fuckhead.


Zeb said...

Of course if you can track down the Cirrhosis demo produced by none other than Jon Misery you will find a gem...I don't even have one.

savethecirclepit said...

Their new record is really great also.