Monday, February 20, 2012

Demo Alert: Proto Regime

Proto Regime may be brand new to the Bay Area, but their present already indicates a future so bright that sunglasses are required. Keep in mind that I may be biased since I was a big fan of their vocalist Johnny’s previous band Suburban Death Camp. Suffice to say, I am excited to see him back in action. Proto Regime is similar to Suburban Death Camp in that Johnny is fronting another band with musicians that are substantially younger than he is. Not that the age difference matters in the slightest, but perhaps you dig the idea of the generations interacting. They take up where that band left off by delivering quick-paced thrashy hardcore, but Proto Regime plays with considerably more power to their craft. Crossover fans will dig the metallic overtones. Hardcore punks will level Burnt Ramen going mental to the speed. You will get evicted from your domicile for playing Proto Regime’s demo loud enough for Occupy protesters worldwide to adopt “Apathy and Destruction” as their new anthem. Storm the barricades here.


Dave Scattered said...

Do you have the Suburban Death Camp Demo? I bought one and it was blank. Tried to buy another and they were gone. Also I'm def going to check this out when I get home.

The Evil Eye said...

I have it, but the sound quality isn't that great. If it's not already in storage, I'll rip it sometime.

ahall said...

johnny is the man. been wanting to scope them out